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    Marine Air System Repairs

    I just purchased a 1989 Hatteras 70 CPMY now located in Ft. Pierce, looking for any referrals for reliable marine AC techs. Thanks Marc

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    Re: Marine Air System Repairs

    Edwards refrigeration

    I used Neville for years until I started doing all my own AC work. Hes very good.

    2002 Cabo 47
    MAN mechanical 800/8's

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    Re: Marine Air System Repairs

    Welcome to the group. Guess you figured out how to post.lol!! Great bunch of very helpful folks with years of knowledge. I sent Buzz the info on the Dometic SMX keypad replacements I use when needed. Check with him for info. Good luck with you new toy.

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    Re: Marine Air System Repairs

    Hope it's repairable! As long as it's a VCD unit, it should have replacement parts for the most part.

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