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    Hatteras 36 window water damage

    Hey guys just picked up a 1970 Hatteras 36c found some water damage on the lower parts of the windows in the plywood. Seems to be all cosmetic nothing structural. By the looks the window leaked on the corner and got into the wood. I was just reaching out to see if anyone has ran into this problem also and has any tips on how to replace. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Hatteras 36 window water damage

    Typical from age. I replaced these on my 34 with fixed pane windows and frames. That was in 96 and they are again showing age and corrosion. We have an 82 46 that I am considering changing the frames and glass. The sliders, like the 34, will never open again. Plus by replacing you can go with true tined glass. A worthwhile upgrade.

    How is the rest of the boat? FYI many of parts you may want and need to replace are available from Sam's Marine.

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    Re: Hatteras 36 window water damage

    Oh, and I forgot to say welcome to the asylum!

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    Re: Hatteras 36 window water damage

    I have a similar boat, a 1971.

    Two areas can leak; the leak can occur between the metal frame and the fiberglass structure surrounding the triple windshield, or it can occur between the glass and the metal frame.

    You can try removing the glass and replacing it, and resealing the glass-to-frame joint, but a better idea is to replace the existing frame and glass pane arrangement with fixed windows. They don't leak.

    There are a couple of outfits that make replacements for both the three front windows and the side windows, all fixed, and they don't leak. I also have a friend who used to have an identical boat and who bought the panel kit to take the windows out altogether and just have fiberglass panels (he didn't have an inside station, so he didn't care about the windows.) If you don't have an inside helm, that might work for you. If he still has them, he would likely sell them.

    Finally, I can tell you how I (sort of) solved the problem: I had a Sunbrella cover made which covers the three windows and comes back around the cabin sides a few feet. That seems to keep most of the leaks out. Years ago, I replaced the glass and resealed new panes into the frames, but they still leaked.

    PM me if you have questions. The first series 36Cs are marvelous boats, beautiful to look at, relatively quick esp with modern diesels, track and run nicely. They are a dated design, but a very good one.

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    Re: Hatteras 36 window water damage

    I had a similar issue on my 1987 41C. The forward top trim screws on the port window
    had loosened ( vibration ) and water from the forward bridge seeped into the gap.
    I added caulk and tightened the screws...no more leak.....YET!
    1987 41' CD832
    Giddy Up
    Niantic, CT

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    Re: Hatteras 36 window water damage

    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter1 View Post
    Oh, and I forgot to say welcome to the asylum!
    Thank you, I appreciate it

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