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  1. Re: Boat Sink Veterans

    While I didn't sink this boat myself, I purchased it from the previous owner after he sunk it.
    Boat was a 20' Shamrock from the mid 80's, and was kept on rack storage when not in use.
    Previous owner called marina to have it launched for him to use that day.
    Boat was launched and tied up on an outer dock, parallel with the river. (Connecticut River)
    The owner was delayed, and during that time the tide changed.
    The outgoing tide was now bumping up against the stern of the boat.
    Shamrocks of that vintage had very low deck drains.
    Water came in through the drains, and seeped through all the deck hatches into the bilge.
    After a while, pumps couldn't keep up and down she went.

    I never painted a name on the transom, but I always referred to her as "Bottom Dweller"

    First moral of the story: If you can't have high deck drains, at a bare minimum have flaps on the outside to prevent backflow.
    Second moral of the story: Don't discount the benefit of watertight deck hatches.

    Third moral of the story: Never buy a boat named "Bottom Dweller" ;-)
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    Re: Boat Sink Veterans

    "Bottom Dweller"?

    PO was a proctologist?
    Randy Register - Kingston, TN
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    Re: Boat Sink Veterans

    Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode.... about the license plate, I think.

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