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    Mystery Box in Engine Room

    I have a 14 X 18 closed electrical box wall mounted next to my battery charger in my ER on my other boat (56 Ocean). It has three switches on the outside labeled hi/low, on/off and hi/low respectively. I opened the box and found two transformers and a few relays. It has one 110v lead going in and two 12v leads coming out. Any idea what this box is for?

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    Re: Mystery Box in Engine Room

    low voltage lighting ???

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    Re: Mystery Box in Engine Room

    Hello John, how about a photo?
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    Re: Mystery Box in Engine Room

    Photo is not easy to come by, at least in the near term. The on/off switch has been on since I bought the boat and there is definitely AC coming in and DC going out. Could it be some sort of battery conditioner? Really weird to have those hi/low togles(2) on the side.

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    Re: Mystery Box in Engine Room

    Take a look at your full compliment of wiring schematics that Ocean provides to all Owners. Oh wait, its Hatteras that does that. Nevermind.
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    Re: Mystery Box in Engine Room

    Any other ideas? The hi/low switches are what throws me.

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    Re: Mystery Box in Engine Room

    Could it be for lights?

    A 50 ocean in worked on had 110 volt to 24 volt transformers.
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    Re: Mystery Box in Engine Room

    Sounds like lighting. Do you have 24v spare bulbs anywhere?

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    Re: Mystery Box in Engine Room

    Just follow the wires.

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    Re: Mystery Box in Engine Room

    You could use a Fox & Hound to trace the wiring...

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