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    Re: Removal of State Room Door Jamb

    Better than the idiot that owned my boat before I bought it. He ran the vent hose into the generator room and was a live aboard, it literally destroyed everything in the generator room, including 2 generators, some dc to dc converters and was trying to destroy the wood on the overhead. Lint was everywhere. John
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    Re: Removal of State Room Door Jamb

    Thank you for posting the removal photos.

    One of the very worst jobs was in my first two weeks of ownership. The laundry centre was listed as "not drying/working" on the bill of sale.

    I opened up the dryer and removed the filter. It was clogged full with clumps of grey woolen material similar to the big rugs home removal vans use to protect furniture. The wool had clogged the filter, under the filter and all the passages back under the drum.

    It took more than an hour of prodding and poking and sucking with a makeshift 3/4" pvc hose clamped to a reducer and then to the vacuum's hose. The dryer now works perfectly and there is a reasonable airflow out the clam shell vent. I removed the clam shell once and it was clear. But I would never trust it.

    The first time we used the washing machine everything came out with the grey wool attached.

    Daewoo now make a very nice little wall mount 5lb washer/dryer combo.

    Condensor dryers are now very popular as they don't require an outside vent.
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    Re: Removal of State Room Door Jamb

    Quote Originally Posted by jim rosenthal View Post
    You know, for what this is going to cost in time and money, you could just buy a lot of clothing. Just saying.

    Just kidding, too.
    Find a European admiral. They are used to small washers (that will fit through the door) and hang drying clothes (because few have dryers). But, new clothing is still cheaper, haha.
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    Re: Removal of State Room Door Jamb

    So I got the door jamb cut out today... when I cut it, the top portion just fell out .... it had a datto cut (at least I "think" that's what it's called) in the top.... I could have actually just cut it on one spot at the bottom if I had known that... then there would have been no cut in the middle... oh well... done now...

    First pic is the cut even with the floor/carpet
    Second pic is showing the upper door jamb male part of the datto
    Third pic showing the top portion of the jamb and female cut of the datto



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