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    Re: Fire/High Water Alarm Systems

    While fire extinguishing systems are always independent, other alarms like bilge pumps, high water, ER temperature are increasingly run thru whatever networked is used. These systems monitor just about every function on board including engines and generators. All alarms are customizable and recorded. All builders use these sytems nowadays.
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    Re: Fire/High Water Alarm Systems

    Quote Originally Posted by nautibake View Post
    Thanks krush, just curious, is this an insurance or ABYC issue?
    My comment is just my opinion (albeit, I do have lots of professional experience with control systems). I think the fundamental alarms such as: high bilge water, fire, engine alarms (mechanical engine) should be super simple panels that just need 12 or 24VDC to operate. They should have a switch (bilge switch), a light, and a buzzer.

    Now, the NMEA2000 or other automation system can be tied into this basic alarm panel and show the same information. But if lightning strikes and wipes out all the screens and electronic systems, a basic switch + buzzer + light will likely still work. Some things should just stay simple.
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    Re: Fire/High Water Alarm Systems

    Quote Originally Posted by krush View Post
    Some things should just stay simple.
    Please tell the automakers this
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