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    Re: 46 Convertible refit begins

    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter1 View Post
    The thread krush posted link to is the one I own. Right now I am only getting 2150 RPM on port and 2275 on starboard while reaching 27kts. So when we fix whatever is holding back port I should reach the 29 kts Dave was getting. We donít carry a bunch of junk on the boat so not sure how it is 4 kts off of what it reached new. Maybe that run was with empty water, holding, and aux tanks.

    Anyway if you go in the 600-700HP range you get an idea on performance. As for modification to the hull on the HP the only one I am aware of is the ď cut down keelĒ. Donít know if hull was built this way or modified after.
    One of my friends bought a brand new 46 HP sometime in the mid 80's and I remember talking about the
    differences with the hull. Along with the keel redesign, the hull was also strengthened to compensate
    for the additional power. We were out playing with his new boat and did well over 30K averaged on
    several reciprocal runs. This was in Panama City Beach, Fla in the fall or winter as I remember it was
    cool at the time. That was quite fast for that time. Today the demand seems to be for 40k or more.


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    Re: 46 Convertible refit begins

    Dig through the forum posts and I'm sure the information is there on HP. Dave will probably know as well. I recall hearing something about slightly larger shafts? And maybe a little bit more beef in the stringers?
    FTFD... i drive a slow 1968 41c381

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    Re: 46 Convertible refit begins

    Link to useful thread pertaining to this discussion.


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    Re: 46 Convertible refit begins

    Thanks everyone for there input. Seems like there is a few different opinions in regards to this. I will keep digging for info but at the end of the day Iím tending toward the suggestion of just pulling back the sticks. Mick

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    Re: 46 Convertible refit begins

    So...Mick, if you get a second, could you let us know the rationale for going with the 92 series engines rather than just rebuilding the 871s you've already got? Seems like a lot of extra work and $$$ for not a lot of additional BANG, if you know what I mean.


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    Re: 46 Convertible refit begins

    Just to put some context around our plans our estimate is that we have to rebuild either the 71 s or the 92 s. We have got. Guy that will do this for about 7k each and I suppose by time we do the turbos and all the other auxiliary items then they will prob be about 10 k AU each. We are purchasing the second hand engines that are currently in a 50 ft boat and have only done 1600 hrs. We still intend to rebuild these as well. These engines are 1998 model 625 hp and electronic controlled and for 25 k au we get everything from the controls to the props. Our 871 are only 430 hp est so there is a significant increase in Hp . We removed the engines today and I will post some photos and I will try and post a video if thatís possible. Based on the info what everyoneís thoughts on the rational ? Regards Mick

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    Re: 46 Convertible refit begins

    So today we removed the engines and generator and was able to pressure wash the engine room. I tried to post a video but with no success ? Is it possible to post vids on this forum? I will post some photos. Regards Michael

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    Re: 46 Convertible refit begins

    More photos.

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    Re: 46 Convertible refit begins

    2 more.
    Attached Images

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    Re: 46 Convertible refit begins

    Nice, love the beam setup

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