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    Re: AC Condensation overflow

    Pretty much every boat I have owned or run for a while had condensate drainage issues. Most of the the time it is because the hoses donít have enough slope for dirt to flow out.

    Another cause can be that sponge like material Cruisair has been using in the pans. After years and years the sponge becomes clogged with dirt and stuff growing resulting in the condensate overflowing on one side while the other side is flowing fine.

    When i installed the new chiller air handlers on my boat I oversize the drain hose and make sure they were running as close to vertical as possible. Also Flagship has the bottom of the pans angled so water never stays in the there. Big difference.
    Miami, FL
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    Re: AC Condensation overflow

    Had the same problem with my unit in the salon last year. Condensate dripping into the starboard engine room and guest head. Also noticed that the compressor was starting to ice up after about an hour or two of operation.

    Turned out to be a bad triac as the compressor was running and would never shut off. If you haven't already, I'd verify that the compressor isn't icing up and it indeed shuts off when the thermostat is set above room temperature.

    When I get a chance and in a separate post I'll share my "Triac Experience". I think many on this esteemed forum would find it amusing.
    Brian L

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    Re: AC Condensation overflow

    My kids and I are scuba diving in Tavernier and Largo this week so the diagnosis and treatment will have to wait.
    1977 Hatteras 58' MY, Hull No. 304, 4-stateroom galley up model with 8V71TIs in Knoxville, Tennessee

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