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    Amount of 38 Double Cabins Made?

    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know how many 38' Double Cabins were made from 1966-1971? I am interested in finding one with a set of diesels.



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    Re: Amount of 38 Double Cabins Made?

    Hi Pat,

    Not sure how many 38' cabin yachts were built but you may want to call Steve McPhearson at Sam's
    since he was a long time employee at the factory and has a fantastic memory. A few pointers however,
    is that most if not all were configured as triple cabin layouts. The galley was actually a counter with a
    stove and sink with a small counter top located against the aft bulkhead of the main salon on the
    starboard side of the ladder. A good many of them were altered later by various owners to eliminate
    the starboard side forward "stateroom" which had an upper and lower bunk. In reality it was not much
    more than a walk in closet. In it's place a "proper" galley was built which opened up the salon quite a

    As far as power, most were built with gas engines of large displacement with 4 barrel carbs ..which meant
    lots of hungry horses. The relatively few diesel boats were slugs with 6-53 naturals. Great economy
    but not much faster than a typical trawler. Some have been updated with the installation of a pair of
    "B" series Cummins Diesel engines. I know of a couple that were done that way and they have very
    respectable performance numbers, both in speed and economy.

    A close friend of mine owned one for about 40 years. His had gas engines which he replaced some
    where along the way with new gas engines. Several years later they started using ethenol in the
    fuel here in NJ and he had the engines and generator "pickled" for long term storage and used the
    boat for the next 15 years or so as a summer beach house at our yacht club. A few months ago he
    gave the boat to one of our young friends who has lots of mechanical and structural skills as a free
    gift. The boat is now in progress to a complete restoration including new fuel tanks. We started
    the engines and much to our pleasant surprise, they fired right up and ran very well.

    I probably gave you more information than you wanted but sometimes when someone asks for the
    time, we tell them how to build a watch...lol.


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    Re: Amount of 38 Double Cabins Made?

    Hi Walt,

    Thanks for all of the great information. One of the main reasons I like the 38 TC is the because of the bunk setup. We plan on using the boat with my family as a floating house in the Summer months on Long Island. Any leads on any available 38's would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Amount of 38 Double Cabins Made?


    There is a diesel tri cabin close to me here in canada. The owners have passed on and the estate will be selling it. This boat had good turn of speed, around 16 knots with 8/53s I think. Be advised however that this is a progect as it has been sitting on the hard for at least ten years.

    Walt Hoover

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    Re: Amount of 38 Double Cabins Made?


    Do you have any contact information for the boat you mentioned?


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    Re: Amount of 38 Double Cabins Made?

    I will be in that marina today and will try to get contact information then pm you.

    Walt Hoover

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    Re: Amount of 38 Double Cabins Made?

    Thanks Walt!

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    Re: Amount of 38 Double Cabins Made?

    Hello, pm sent.

    Walt Hoover

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