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    Re: Calcium Deposits in Head Systems - Wrong TP?

    The guy was just trying to win a sales contest. They call that add on selling. Iíve used regular TP for 45 years without this issue. Flush a few more seconds to clear the lines and add vinegar or CLR once in a while.
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    Re: Calcium Deposits in Head Systems - Wrong TP?

    I use a gal of vinegar 3 or 4 times each season. What I do is to flush thoroughly first to clear the lines as much as possible. Then I pour a full gallon of vinegar into the bowl and do a "dry bowl" flush - no water comes in and the vinegar is flushed out. That leaves pure vinegar sitting in the lines. I let that just sit there until the next time I am at the boat, when I flush again with water. That seems to have eliminated the problem.
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