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    Re: Anchor locker clean up

    Quote Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
    The locker and drop is plenty deep, the problem is that the windlass is set so far forward that the chain piles up on the hull side and partition. I had a slide made out of starboard which helped. Now that I have room to work I will either make a longer one , or attach a a PVC pioe tonbring thr chain further aft
    The PVC pipe works. I have a similar issue. I'm about to replace the chain with a much longer length. Before doing so, I'm going to extend the pipe back about a foot and cap it with a 45 degree elbow. The pipe will definitely need a couple of rigid pipe hangers to handle the weight. Then, the chain should be more evenly distributed.

    Semper Siesta
    Robert Clarkson
    ASLAN, 1983 55C #343
    Charleston, SC

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    Re: Anchor locker clean up

    Friggin genius!!! I hate that tiny little door. Thanks for adding another item on my to-do list....
    1986 52C Hull #391 8v92TA

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    Re: Anchor locker clean up

    Just thinking out loud. What if you drilled numerous holes in the bottom of that PVC pipe. Place a shower sump pump underneath the PVC pipe and gather the water as it comes in. I know itís not 100% but you could pick up a lot of water. Then run the exit line into the forward shower pump for easy drainage. Not sure if that will help.
    1979 53' MY Hull #563
    Antioch, California

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    Re: Anchor locker clean up

    Hello Robert,

    How did you attach the top of the pvc pipe to hold it in place? Did you glue it to the inside of the bow pulpit's chain hole?
    1984 61MY #353 with 9' cockpit extension.
    Sydney, Australia.

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    Re: Anchor locker clean up

    Itís glued and backed up with two (essentially) set screws.
    Semper Siesta
    Robert Clarkson
    ASLAN, 1983 55C #343
    Charleston, SC

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