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    Tansom ladder- 43 MY 1986

    Has anyone reworked the transom ladder to make the descent safer? It seems to me that
    tilting it rearward at the base would help a lot. Question is how.
    Werner Schoenknecht-MIRAGE

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    Re: Tansom ladder- 43 MY 1986

    The problem is when you tilt it out the wrongs on the lateral tilt down. You will most likely have to have a new ladder made. I have the same dilemma that you have I went to a stainless steel manufacturer and got a quote for the ladder and mine was $1700.
    1979 53' MY Hull #563
    Antioch, California

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    Re: Tansom ladder- 43 MY 1986

    I didn't see Rusty's reply as there are two threads listed...... Perhaps someone knows how to combine
    them. In any event, Rusty is correct about the angle of the stair pads. When we did mine, I merely
    made up new white plastic stair pads with the proper angle and attached them to the stainless steel
    pad base that the original teak were screwed to. The tops of the new step pads were now parallel to
    the deck and swim platform...


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