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    Permalume Shower Door

    1986 63 MY. One of the sliding shower doors in the master head does not slide very well. Appears the
    overhead wheel assembly is in need of repair/replacement. I cannot figure out how to disassemble without
    knoocking the frame apart. It is made by Permalume. Anyone service one of these?

    John McCarley
    Water Colors
    Wrightsville Beach NC
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    Re: Permalume Shower Door

    On mine, the top frame is held in place by gravity and there is a 4 inch, or so, space above it. Just lift it up and out (or in, depending on location of towel bars) then slide the doors off the end. Definitely a two person job, as you will have to contend with the frame and both sliders at the same time.
    Summer Star
    1988 65' M/Y
    HATDL 312
    Extended to 80' LOA
    Somewhere in Caribbean

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    Re: Permalume Shower Door

    It is as Summer Star said. Used 2
    block of wood and small hammer to pop off top rail.

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