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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses


    A multitool is a must have on board. It s the tool I use the most. I canít remember the last time I use a Jigsaw
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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    You aren't kidding. I did all the cutting and shaping work for the aft bulkhead repair on my boat with one- my OLD one- and it was perfect. I can't imagine working on a boat without one. Mine are so old that they are Feins, bought before all the other ones came out when Fein's patent expired.

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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    Great job!

    One thing I've done in a couple places on my boat is to use PVC pipe as a chase to run lines I couldn't practically ever run again (without similar disassembly/demolition) if I used P clamps. It's a happy medium between installing FRP chase tubes during manufacture and tearing up things to get to places where P clamps have everything locked in place.

    Then again, if it lasts for another 35 years...let that captain deal with it. Because anybody willing to take on a boat that old will either be crazy, stupid, or rich enough that it just won't matter! lol

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