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    Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    Recently I cleaned all the aircon coils and noticed the water hoses were very tired after 35 years and needed replacing. 35' of reinforced Vetus 1" water hose arrived and a few days ago I started looking at how to replace the hoses between the aircons in the genset room and the pumps in the port engine room.

    Using my iPhone via the small rear bilge hatch in the twin cabin showed the following condition of the aircon hoses and bracketing...... I have never understood why Hatteras used aluminium P Clamps? I continually replace them with stainless on each new project.

    Aircon Hoses.jpg

    I've now cut out the flooring with a multitool, leaving enough space along the sides and end if additional floor strengthening might be required when refitting. Luckily the floorboards were not glued to the cross beams.

    I drew and then lightly scored my cutout first. Satisfied everything was at 90 degrees and square it made using the multitool very simple. The multitool is a fabulous invention.



    So the aircon hose can now be easily replaced, old and new electrical wires tidied up and bilge can be scrubbed clean. I'll divide the floor into two pieces to make for easier inspections and repairs.

    I'd recommend anyone with the same 1980's MY set up as ours take a look at the aircon hoses in the twin cabin.
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    1984 61MY #353 with 9' cockpit extension.

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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    I donít understand why you have air con water hoses going after under the floors. I thought Hatteras only used split A/Cs

    And yes, thatís the one tool I use the most!
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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    Scott, I'm assuming because it's a 1 inch hose, it's the 2 lines from the Orberdorfers to the distribution manifolds in the generator room. When I replaced mine, I was able to reach the clamps from the strainer hatch and the bilge pump hatch in the aft guest stateroomt. Its still a pain.

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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    Hi Paul and Pascal,

    Yes, they are the 1" hoses from the two water pumps that run to the two AC compressor water manifolds in the genset room.

    Its not possible with my access hatchs' locations and small hatch sizes to replace the hoses without taking up the flooring. There are also other wiring and bilge pump issues to attend to, so taking up the flooring has benefits.

    My boat seems to have small access hatches throughout. Easy access to all the water strainers is difficult. Some of the loctions for the strainers do not make sense. eg bow toilet had 24 ' water hoserun. (now bypassed with thru hull in bow compartment as original water hose rotten)
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    1984 61MY #353 with 9' cockpit extension.

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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    Are you able to replace the hose with fiberglass tubing and then just use hose on the ends??
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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    the fwd head has that long run so the pickup which is under the port side bed does not suck air while under way and lose prime, I do agree though some of the thru hulls were put in strange spots, maybe due to fact they built the interiors after they lay that stuff in the hull .......Pat

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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    The idea of installing fibreglass aircon water delivery tubes would have been great during construction phase, but it would not be possible now to install two lengths 13' of rigid pipe via twin bed or genset room. Hose I think overall is easier as there are only two joins between pump and manifold.

    We have had no priming issues with our replacement TMC bow toilet in moving the water intake to the bow compartment. I plated the thru hull way down. We did not use a strainer either and works fine. (Same set up as on other boat for past 15 years. Perhaps priming was an issue for the original Galley Maid toilets. Weed and barnacles do not seem to addect operation and we antifoul inside of intake.)

    In fact I would like to bypass the two other TMC toilets' strainers. The current position of the three strainers for gensets, watermaker and mid toilet under the linen cupboard floor is simply nuts. They could have moved them all back 3' under the larger hatch in the mid bathroom.

    The owner stateroom toilet strainer is just about as inaccessible in rear outside starboard engine room as you could imagine. This will definitely move.
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    1984 61MY #353 with 9' cockpit extension.

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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

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    1984 61MY #353 with 9' cockpit extension.

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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    So the job is finally done and AirCon water hoses replaced under twin room flooring and into both port engine and genset rooms.

    The multi tool proved to be a great investment if undertaking this work. I was able to set mine at 19mm which was the thickness of the flooring and not be too concerned about cutting cables. Also makes cutting out new floor hatches very neat and easy.

    If anyone is doing the same here are some pointers for anyone with similar 1984 61'MY:

    - For our boat we needed minimum 11 metres of 1" spiral Vetus rubber hose. When you cut the hose one length will be shorter than the other. Make sure you mark each hose end with which pump and which water manifold they will attach to. This is the best advice I can give based on real life experience.
    - Buy 35mm stainless P Clamps to replace the rotten old aluminium type. These will woek well for 1" water hose.
    - Buy a multitool to cut flooring gaining access to bilge.
    - Add extra 6" to hose run at pumps otherwise you will connect it all up and be short by an inch.
    - Use a T piece and ball valve below aircon water manifolds to allow drip free future chemical flushing.
    - Move aft water manifold in generator room towards the bow 3'. This will make servicing air con coils even easier.
    - Use shop vacuum to clean out bilge.
    - Consider separate hatches across the beams when replacing the floor. This also makes the cut out for the bilge pump access hatch easier to fit.
    - Clean out limber pipes ends.

    Total labour time was about 20 hours over 3 weeks.

    The power cable run for starboard starboard bilge pump is located on the same beam in port engine room (In case you have an inaccessible starboard corroded bilge pump terminal block.)


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    1984 61MY #353 with 9' cockpit extension.

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    Re: Replacing Aircon Water Hoses

    Very good thread, Scott. Nice job of it.
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