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    Re: Robertson autopilot head. HELP

    No real interest in hand steering the boat 350 NM home.
    taking the boat out today to see if the unit works and it is just the screen that is gone. First needed to rebuild the steering ram and install which is now done. I am going to install all new electronics once I get the boat home so just need to find a way to rig the AP to work until then.
    I once had to deliver a new boat from Florida to new york with no electronics because the owner was going to save a few thousand dollars in New York on the equipment. Hand steering is no fun after about 30 minutes.

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    Re: Robertson autopilot head. HELP

    Someone left the upper helm cover off my 67’ Hat before I purchased it and the Robertson screen, along with most of the other electronics, doesn’t work but otherwise it functions fine in piloting the ship. I have looked on eBay and found a used replacement but decided to wait and eventually replace the whole system with something more modern when I get around to electronics replacement. Not a high priority for the admiral so I have a lot of cosmetic stuff to do first. Anyway, works fine and no issues just using the mag compass and enjoying the outdoors.
    West Wind
    1989 67’ CMY Serial 311
    Cleveland, OH

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