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    1966 41’ TC Project

    Boat must go! $8,500 as-is and its yours!***Update 5/15/19- Currently in line at local marina to have bottom power washed to ensure intakes and propellers are clean and the wet exhaust repaired; boat currently cannot run with exhaust not operating***Selling the classic 1966 41' TC Hatteras Motoring Yacht! Built on the same hull as the original 41' Convertible, the Hatteras 41 Twin Cabin is a flush deck design with a traditional double cabin interior layout. Many have been continuously updated by their owners as a favorite of those who enjoy renovating older motoryachts. There is nothing quite like the solid Hatteras construction. She shows normal wear and tear of a 1966 vessel but the bones are great and most updates needed are simply cosmetic. Currently located in the water on the Magothy River in Pasadena, MD. Engines last fired up 9/2017 but discovered a leak at a coupling on the wet exhaust and I don't have the time or knowledge to repair.I understand she isn’t pretty, she was inherited from a family friend with visions of bringing her back to life but work travel and two toddlers is putting this on the back burner and the boss wants it gone so we can rent on our slip. I will entertain all offers.

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    Re: 1966 41’ TC Project

    Post some particulars about which engines, etc? Some were gas, some were diesel.

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    Re: 1966 41’ TC Project

    The engine are original GM diesels. Genset is original but no longer working to my knowledge. My knowledge of the vessel is limited to non-existent as I inherited her and never got a chance to use her due to the discovery of exhaust leak.

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    Re: 1966 41’ TC Project

    Those would be 6-53 or 8-53 diesels, most likely. This is a good start for someone who wants to rehab a boat and has the energy to do it. Good luck finding her a hew home.

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    Re: 1966 41’ TC Project

    I know years from now when the kids are older and disposable income increases I’ll be kicking myself for selling her but what the boss says, goes! How is the pricepoint for a project? I plan on getting it hauled, powerwashed, and exhaust repaired regardless of sale

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    Re: 1966 41’ TC Project

    If the engines run you may find a buyer but be prepared for a low offer as it is what is condition wise. Clean it up good and get all the junk off of it. That will make it much more attractive. Don't throw away any original parts, furniture or documentation even if in poor shape. Get all the non boat stuff off. Clean the exterior as well. You would be surprised how much you can clean it up in one weekend.

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    Re: 1966 41’ TC Project

    I'd like to look at her this weekend- I'm out of town Friday but would like to view her. I think my friend called you today.

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    Re: 1966 41’ TC Project

    Hurry up before he cleans it up and raises the price.
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    Re: 1966 41’ TC Project

    Thanks madhatter for the suggestions, you’re absolutely right. I’ll start getting her a little more show room ready for prospective buyers. What are your thoughts on turning the aft bedroom back into the original twin bed layout? The previous owners built a platform to make a queen bed with storage and A/C unit in the cabin, my original thought was to return her to 1966, what do you think?Jim, I’m out of town through Monday, your friend reached out and has information on taking a look.

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    Re: 1966 41’ TC Project

    Leave as is for the next owner. They can then go whatever direction they want. What if you convert back and they want a queen? Like I posted earlier save everything that goes with the boat, clean it up, and it will become someone else's adventure.

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