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    Removable bow rail section

    I am about a foot short of being able to clear my bow rail when trying to swing my 15' Scout onto the front deck. I seem to remember seeing a modification where you can remove a section easily. Has anyone done this or seen it done? If so any pointers or ideas would be great!

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    Re: Removable bow rail section

    Without pictures, if it's what I picture a removal or a section between 2 stanchions? If correct an cut and removeable section. If correct with what I picture, cut out the sections and have bowed sections welded in. Equal bowed sections on both sides might look better in the long run. Like a wider pulpit on the sides.

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    Re: Removable bow rail section

    Before you modify the Boat, how about your lifting apparatus? Are you using a lifting bar? That would help.

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