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    Re: need swim Platform

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    Response to OP. One option is the teak can be epoxy sealed and finished and made to look like glass. Expect to re condition after 10 years but not at all a big job. If building new make sure there are enough relief vents built in or it will beat like a drum in waves. Made this mistake on a 46 Bertram and had to have new relief vents cut in between originals. This meant haul out and yard time due to my mistake. Got lucky because it looked good after that.
    Interesting you should bring up the vents. My platform had plenty (see photo above) and it was ripped off from stern to 3-4' tied to dock.

    There is a fellow around here who makes custom platforms w/o vents. He also encapsulates the brackets so there is no exposed metal and, therefore, no electrolysis. I've seen the work, and it's good. Owners swear by them. Boatyard owner has one on his boat and swears by it.
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    Re: need swim Platform

    My swim platform is the original teak that was glassed over by the previous owner in mexico. It looks like a fiberglass unit and I didn't know until they told me. To avoid fit issues and a haul out I would consider this approach.

    Regarding the platform you mentioned with encapsulated brackets, if it's done with an angle (making the swim platform wedge shaped) it would eliminate the slap of the platform in the seas. Properly done it could add buoyancy and even storage. That's a much bigger job than a simple swim step though.

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