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    Re: 1989/2003 Ocean 44 Supersport

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    Re: 1989/2003 Ocean 44 Supersport

    That is a beautiful boat! I see no need to wish you luck with the sale. If I had the dosh, I'd donate my boat to charity and buy yours.
    1973 43DC #365
    Mattox Creek, VA

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    Re: 1989/2003 Ocean 44 Supersport


    Thank you for the kind words.... I need to find her a good home... it's bitter sweet... also need to find the right buyer that understands and appreciates all the blood, sweat, tears and love that has been put into her... a unicorn...

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    Re: 1989/2003 Ocean 44 Supersport

    Beautiful boat, and very well presented i this listing with excellent photos. This is the kind of care that sells boats, and the kind of listing that does, too.

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    Re: 1989/2003 Ocean 44 Supersport

    Thanks Jim,.... much appreciated!

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    Re: 1989/2003 Ocean 44 Supersport

    Hello all.... here's a link to the Yachtworld listing... has more photos and more complete vessel details...

    1976 58' LRC
    "Miss Maggie"
    Mystic, CT

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    Re: 1989/2003 Ocean 44 Supersport

    Just an update and closeout to this thread..... the Maggie B was on the market for three days.... first prospective buyer that looked at her gave me an offer and we had a contract in place within another three days.... she was surveyed and sea trialed this past Friday (5/31) and passed with flying colors. All that needs to be done is the final closing.....

    A nice couple from New Bedford, Mass will be her new caretakers and I believe she will be well cared for . She will be renamed "Miss Meliss" after the wife.... if you see her prancing around New England waters... give her a nice smile and tip of your cap I will miss her for sure....

    Now on to the next adventure on a plane headed to Daytona to pick up my "new" 58' LRC "BUSTER"... she will be renamed "Miss Maggie" after my mom... we will depart Daytona tomorrow mid-morning headed up the AICW... she will reside in Mystic, CT and New England waters in the summer and plan to spend winter months in warmer climates.... I will start a new thread in the "Everything Else" forum on the trip....

    Over and out.... Maggie B standing by...
    1976 58' LRC
    "Miss Maggie"
    Mystic, CT

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    Re: 1989/2003 Ocean 44 Supersport

    Congratulations, selling a boat is simple, have one that looks as nice as yours, price it fairly but not to low and good boats sell fast. If you could see the horrible boats I survey you would wonder how they ever sell. Good luck with the new boat. John
    Mahalo V
    1974 53 Motoryacht
    Hull Number 406
    San Diego, Ca.

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    Re: 1989/2003 Ocean 44 Supersport

    Well done, and all the luck in the world in your new boat. If any boat would sell in three days, it would be your former one.

    Can't wait to see the LRC brought to the same level of perfection.

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