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    Stainless rod racks

    I was quoted $4500 to make some cockpit rod racks by a local fabricator. Being thoroughly insulted and plenty capable of fabricating them myself I did just that. In fact, I enjoyed it enough that I built an extra rack of 5 holders, raked back about 25 degrees. Iím selling this rack for $500. Itís brand new, all 316 stainless, and roughly 28Ē wide. Additionally I can also make others to order per your specs. Tell me the length, angle of rake, and number of holders youíd like and I will build them for $110 per rod holder complete.Pics attached of the 5 rod rack as well as my 3 and 4 rod racks installed on my 60 enclosed bridge. Note that mine slope back more than desired because I need clearance for a cockpit canopy.Call or text Jake at 3109238570. Thanks for looking.

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    Re: Stainless rod racks

    Pics of installed items

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    Re: Stainless rod racks

    Nice Work!! I may get with you after our mezzanine project, want to add a set up on the bridge
    1986 52C Hull #391 8v92TA

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    Re: Stainless rod racks

    Very pretty work. Fished I wished.
    Semper Siesta
    Robert Clarkson
    ASLAN, 1983 55C #343
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    Re: Stainless rod racks

    Thank you guys. Iím pretty meticulous and I think stainless is like art on a boat. IímHaving fun with this and have taken some orders already and I know the finished product will meet expectations. Hopefully I can do some work for our members. I will be fairCanít wait to see pics of that finished mezzanine too. Thatís a great and worthwhile project. Deck storage is invaluable.

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    Re: Stainless rod racks

    Dropping the price to 400 plus shipping. More pics attached and Iíve got a 13 rod hardtop mount just about completed too.

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    Re: Stainless rod racks

    Nearly done.
    Attached Images

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    Re: Stainless rod racks

    How about a good pic of the welds.
    ENUFF. 1983 53MY.Hull #617 Barnegat Light Nj.

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    Re: Stainless rod racks

    Quote Originally Posted by MadHatter53 View Post
    How about a good pic of the welds.
    Sure. No problem! You interested in buying them for your 53?

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    Re: Stainless rod racks

    I do have a few rods aboard but no rod holders are needed. I figured you might make other things as well and wanted to see some nice coins.
    ENUFF. 1983 53MY.Hull #617 Barnegat Light Nj.

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