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Thread: onan mdje 7.5kw

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    onan mdje 7.5kw

    I have a 1980 43' Hatteras Double cabin with a 7.5 Onan. I have replaced far to many parts
    to name here. Most recent a new starter,raw water pump,exhaust manifold. just to name a few

    I think I have an issue with a push valve now and it will not start.

    Im done with it. Looking to replace with used unit and welcome ideas where to go to find one.
    I live in Orange Beach, AL.

    If replaced I will part this one out. If anybody is looking for a part let me know. Ill take it off if we
    agree on a price and shipping cost.

    Will Shelton
    Will Shelton USCG 50 T Master, Near Coastal

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    Re: onan mdje 7.5kw

    Hello Will,

    If you replace it I may be interested in the lift pump, injector pump and raw water pump.

    Walt Hoover

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    Re: onan mdje 7.5kw

    I know the raw water pump i can get to now. Not sure about the other parts but will look in the manual
    to see if these are possible to get too as well. I am not ready to pull the unit but would rather wait till
    I have the replacement.

    You want to agree on a price for the pump now? I also have a couple on new impellers.
    If you want to call me and discuss please do. 901.680.7798

    Will Shelton
    Will Shelton USCG 50 T Master, Near Coastal

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