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    Hydraulic generator

    I have Hydraulic generator sitting in my garage and available.
    Generator pump was running of Detroit diesel 12v72 engine.
    Pump, generator, hydraulic oil and reservoir, hoses, all available. Generator and pump are heavy.
    Let me know if interested.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Hydraulic generator

    What are you asking for it and where are you located?

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    Re: Hydraulic generator

    Ms. Micki,
    sorry, I just got to my computer. I am located in Ventura/California and I really have no idea how
    much I should ask. I leave it to you. Just remember, it is heavy and shipping cost might be too much.

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    Re: Hydraulic generator

    Could you send me a photo, I'm interested.

    Lady J

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    Re: Hydraulic generator

    I need 1 or 2 days to provide pictures. Most likely tomorrow.

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    Re: Hydraulic generator

    Finally was able to go and take some pictures.


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    Re: Hydraulic generator

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    Re: Hydraulic generator

    I'm still interested but have some questions. Could I call you? If so, private message me.
    Thanks, Keith

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    Re: Hydraulic generator

    Sure. Sending you PM.

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