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    Hatteras 42 LRC wanted

    Would like to buy a clean 42 LRC Mark 2. Tom

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    Re: Hatteras 42 LRC wanted

    I am still looking for a 42 lrc.

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    Re: Hatteras 42 LRC wanted

    Have you looked on the LRC club page and Yachtworld?

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    Re: Hatteras 42 LRC wanted

    Move up to a 48, got one for sale

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    Re: Hatteras 42 LRC wanted

    Looked at a 48 in Calif. I want to stay with 42 ft.

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    Re: Hatteras 42 LRC wanted

    Still looking

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    Re: Hatteras 42 LRC wanted

    There's a decent looking one in Mississippi. The one in Florida looks like a problem deal, they want to sell it not running. Good luck on that one. But the on in MS looks like a decent boat. and 3900 hours on 4-53 naturals is no excessive, if they have been cared for properly.

    You may have to travel to find the right boat, I don't think they are common up in your neck of the woods. Have you looked for a Tollycraft out there? They were a good West Coast boat, but I don't know if they built a displacement-hull vessel, ever.

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    Re: Hatteras 42 LRC wanted

    Thanks Jim, I want the Mark ll version with the full width aft cabin. Tom
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