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    Re: Cockpit Mezzanine & Tuna Tube Winter Project

    One thing we learned from using the premade FRP shapes and panels is that you really need to pay attention that you grind it really well where you're gluing because it's very dense. Much more dense than a panel or part you would lay up yourself or even a part from a boat builder. They must use some sort of press or high vacuum bag when making this stuff.
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    Re: Cockpit Mezzanine & Tuna Tube Winter Project

    Boy, fall/winter weather sure does suck! Got down to the boat for a couple of days, ended up getting about 1 day of work due to scattered rain showers, so didn't get as much done as I had planned but still progress in the right direction.

    Got the door for the Gaff storage compartment finished off.

    Sure is going to be nice to have the gaffs/harpoons/brushes/boat hooks all stowed away when not in use.

    Got the port side of the tackle storage center and the lid bonded in.

    Hope to get a couple of weather windows in Dec to finish off the tackle storage center and final glass everything.
    1986 52C Hull #391 8v92TA

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