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    Re: Turbo Leak 12V71

    Quote Originally Posted by Briankinley2004 View Post
    My turbo Model is CV8101. I cannot get a response from the vendor I gave this information to. They were very helpful at first but will not return emails or texts. I may go back by there next time I am in NOLA if I dont get resolved elsewhere. I did get a response from R G Ray this am that Clampco and 5 Star Smart parts may be able to custom make them. I am waiting on Clampco to return my call from yesterday. The marine Detroit place up the bayou from my boat didn't have them and said he couldn't order. They refer to the turbo mfg which is Air Research which appears to be out of business. They say its not a Detroit part but this tag clearly says Detroit. If I ever find these things Im gonna buy several

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    That's an R5101513 same as mine ... the number is right on the plate in your photo.

    Now ... do you have the Walker Air Separator attached to the intake end of the turbo and you need the clamp for the exhaust end?
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    Re: Turbo Leak 12V71

    Quote Originally Posted by Bayside Bert54 View Post
    That's an R5101513 same as mine ... the number is right on the plate in your photo.

    Now ... do you have the Walker Air Separator attached to the intake end of the turbo and you need the clamp for the exhaust end?
    Cool I didn't see that as P/N I thought it was serial number. I was using model number. If you could find out the clamp numbers that would be great. I have a company in New Iberia that is now helping me as well. They say they have one of the clamps in stock. I plan to go down there Friday and compare to my old one. They are a Detroit marine dealer and seem much more helpful than the other Detroit dealer I went to close to my boat. He basically just said "I aint got that clamp and cant get it". I also heard back from Clampco today. They said they could make them but it would be a bulk order that would be cost prohibitive. Said though if I could replicate the part number using their part numbering system on web page they could probably locate a distributor that had bought them before. They also recommended, like Robert, that I call Garrett. If this thing in New Iberia doesn't play out I will get with Garrett. Once I find these numbers I am going to place on here so no one else has to deal with all this again. P.S. As for the Air Sep my boat does not have them. Just the standard air silencer with foam elements. On the exhaust end I have some clamps that I think are the right ones but if you have the number I would like to make sure as we just eyeballed them.

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    Re: Turbo Leak 12V71

    Take a look at this clamp: 5132650 - seems to be 5" or 5.25"

    The larger clamps must be for the exhaust system if they are 7" or greater.

    Photos of the parts you are looking for will help.

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    Re: Turbo Leak 12V71

    The 7" one is on side toward the air silencer. It is the one with white paint on it on the picture. The other clamp I need is in the 5-6" range and is the one on left side of oil line with soot on it. The guy from Marine Systems called me today. Said they have been having trouble but finally found some old micro fiche parts diagram and think they can work it out. I am going there tomorrow.


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    Re: Turbo Leak 12V71

    Here is the response from my excellent Diesel specialist at Jacksonville Diesel Parts Sales and Service:

    Good morning Mike and Happy New Year!
    The Detroit Diesel part number of that clamp is 5149160- that part number
    supercedes to number 23506783. Your cost on that clamp is $111.09 each.
    None of the FDDA branches show that clamp in stock so it would have to be
    ordered from the factory. 2 weeks via stock order / 1-2 days from air order
    with an additional $150 in inbound freight. Please relay that to your
    friend. I do not have the Garrett part number but if your friend is dealing
    with someone other than Detroit, that shop should be able to cross over the
    part number.

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    Re: Turbo Leak 12V71

    And here’s an alternative. Probably others out there too.
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    Re: Turbo Leak 12V71

    Bert is that the part number for the 7" clamp on intake side or the smaller one? I went to Marine Systems today and they were very helpful. Basically told me same thing as your mechanic. Although RG Ray still makes the clamps they are proprietary to Detroit so they are a Detroit part number. Said it would be 3-4 weeks to get them as they are special order and in the $120 range for one and $60 for the other. They then called their turbo rebuilder in Arizona who keeps good used ones. Shipped me out some of each today for $25 each. I will order some new ones too but cant wait another month to be up and going. He had a 7" one on another 71 series turbo but it was slightly off.

    Robert I will look at your source as well. At least I have some coming to get boat going. Also and FYI the clamp from Diesel Power Pro linked by someone above will not work. When I got to boat today and opened the package the diameter is correct but the groove for the flange is almost twice as wide as the originals. Also I robbed a clamp off my port engine so I could start and check the starboard. It had a 1995 date on it and was from VOSS Ind. with part no. 416397-B. So someone used this as a replacement. I have an email in to VOSS to see if available.

    The biggest lesson out of this so far has been to keep spares of all 3 clamps on the boat. If one breaks this is not something you can just go get. You could be down for weeks if you have to get the ones from Detroit as they aren't readily available. I got everything together this pm and plan to start the engine tomorrow. I also have new blankets for that turbo from Metcalf. They make good heavy replacement blankets for $160 a piece. The turbo bonnet I have purchased from them before and it fit well. The arm piece looks like it is correct. Once this is done I will post a summary of part numbers, etc if anyone else needs them

    Photo of the Diesel Pro band compared to factory. They were very helpful and do not carry the narrower one after talking to the owners. I will buy from them again but probably not a clamp.


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    Re: Turbo Leak 12V71

    I sent him a photo and asked for the larger clamp in the photo. The one on the left in the photo ... my Walker Air Sep is the one on the right.R5101513.jpg

    I can tell you that my engines has exhibited similar symptoms to what you discussed.

    I would check to be sure the liners and cylinders are in good shape first by removing the airbox covers and taking a good look. Make sure there are no leaks in the turbo system ... Verify all the injectors are good ... then clean the intercooler.

    My last incident was an engine room fire which sooted the intercooler resulting in bad injector and need to clean the intercooler.
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    Re: Turbo Leak 12V71

    Thanks thats one of the clamps I am looking for. The other is under the turbo blanket. Thats where it was leaking. Luckily the blanket caught most of it. I ran my boroscope into the intercoolers and they were clear. I posted some pics on one of these pages. I am definitely watching these turbos closely now. I really appreciate your help and the information provided.

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