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    New canvas enclosure cost

    I just got an estimate on enclosing the aft deck of my 1989 40DC. The flybridge is already enclosed and we have a top on the aft deck. The quote was $12,500 plus tax for a sunbrella enclosure with 40mm strataglass with rolldown windows with screens. Wanted to know if that sounded at least in the ballpark of reasonable.

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    Re: New canvas enclosure cost

    Sounds very high to me... I'm in central NJ and last year I had a complete bridge enclosure including
    a bimini top and all four sides using strataglas 40 ga and it cost me $6,000. BTW it was a great job.
    The boat was a 1982 48' Series 1 MY.


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    Re: New canvas enclosure cost

    Sounds double of what it should be. My 53 aft deck top of the line material 6,000
    1979 53' MY Hull #563
    Antioch, California

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    Re: New canvas enclosure cost

    Look into using Markalon or EZ2CY instead of strata glass or Eisenglass. It will cost a little more but is much clearer with no rippling. Only down side is it canít be rolled, you have to hook it up to the overhead when open. John
    Mahalo V
    1974 53 Motoryacht
    Hull Number 406
    San Diego, Ca. Ready 32 Nordic Tug, Brunswick Ga.

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    Re: New canvas enclosure cost

    That seem extremely high. Should be in the $5,000-6,000 range. Ask boater friends for recommendations on canvass makers and get multiple quotes in writing from two or three.

    Lake of the Woods
    1989 40 DC

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    Re: New canvas enclosure cost

    My 53 aft deck curtains in Sunbrella cost 1300 from Canvas Back in Jupiter

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    Re: New canvas enclosure cost

    I just had my flybridge curtains replaced with 40mm Strataglass. We reused the old canvas and just replaced the glass. Cost me $2,000 and I had to take them to the shop. I am going to have to have some of the zippers replaced. I would recommend doing that while they are at it if you are re-using old ones.

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    Re: New canvas enclosure cost

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I thought it sounded high. Problem for us is the boat is in Scottboro, AL at Goose Pond and there donít seem to be other providers around there for this service.If anyone knows of someone in the general are I would welcome the recommendation.It would be nice to have the back enclosed both for winter and summer.thanks.Craig

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    Re: New canvas enclosure cost

    When you say that you have a top on your aft deck are you talking about a hard top or a soft (fabric) top? Also, is there weather board around the aft deck or just railing?
    Greg Harrington
    43 DCFB 1977 w/Cummins 903 M1 (340HP)
    Hull #454

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    Re: New canvas enclosure cost

    I am just starting out in the canvas world here in SC but I can tell you that a sheet of 40 ga Strattaglass with no tint runs about $185 for a 54"x 110" sheet. Sunbrella runs roughly around $15-$20 per linear yd. for 60" material. Then you have to account for all the zippers, fasteners, binding, facing and so on. It sounds to me that the quote you got was pretty far out there. I know for me to enclose the rear of my 44 Triple Cabin its going to cost me roughly $1800 in materials alone which for most canvas shops would come out to roughly $3600 give or take. Labor generally works out to close to half the total cost of a job.

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