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    1976 36 Hatteras Free

    Boat is sold. Thank you.
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    Re: 1976 36 Hatteras For Sale

    Put up some photos, etc. These are nice boats (I have one) and someone will want to resurrect it.

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    Re: 1976 36 Hatteras For Sale

    Still for sale. Pictures added to my album. Thanks

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    Re: 1976 36 Hatteras For Sale

    One of the later ones. These have fiberglass exhaust pipes, which are better than the metal ones, and also larger tanks, although in this instance that is somewhat irrelevant because of the need to replace them.

    I have owned a similar boat for nearly thirty years. They are wonderful boats.

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    Re: 1976 36 Hatteras For Sale

    Thanks, Jim. You are right they are great boats having owned this one over 20 Years myself, many memories and a lot of fun, but plans have changed. I will be moving out of state after the Winter and can't take it with me. I am offering it free to a forum member that will give it the care it needs. Russ.

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    Re: 1976 36 Hatteras For Sale

    I assume she is gone now, but if not let me know. I sent email earlier as well.


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