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    1966 41' dc for sale in md (updated price)

    ***Updated Thread to reflect correct model and new price***

    I am offering my
    1966 41' DC for sale, currently located in the water in Pasadena, MD.

    I took this yacht on as a project and to use for my young family and I to cruise the Magothy and Bay. Prior to purchasing, the engines fired up without hesitation (after purchasing a new battery) and both were running fine (original diesels). During walk through inspection, I discovered a small leak in the the wet exhaust copper pipes in the aft room where a black rubber hose was connecting two portions of the pipe. I have since purchased a silicone fitting from Trident Marine but my limited knowledge and experience is preventing me of installing it correctly. My job and young kids aren't allowing me the time needed to upkeep and restore the size of this yacht, unfortunately.

    Aside from this, it is my understanding that everything is function and working fine.

    The yacht has had little updates done to it over the years and has normal wear and tear associated with a boat of this age.

    NADA guidelines have the low end for this boat make/model at $20,400. I am asking $17,000, OBO to allow new owner to spend the difference in tow/repair/updates.
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