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    Question Hatteras Owners Manuals & Spec Sheets

    I see everyone asking for Reprinted or pdf Owner Manuals.

    I get so lost searching forums with hundreds of pages. Is there one place/page where we can all post our Manuals to share with others.
    I know the website has a great page with tips & tricks, but I see no owners manuals. Can we have a page or place t upload our own to share with others. For those who have a manula to share, there is a very easy phne app to use called "Turbo Scan" I used that to upload all my Onan manuals etc...

    Can there just be a page that we can upload Hatteras Manuals for all us to share?

    Thanks for guiding me in the right direction.

    1971 Hatteras 45

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    Re: Hatteras Owners Manuals & Spec Sheets

    You should send this suggestion to the site webmaster.
    1979 53' MY Hull #566
    Hampton, Virginia

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    Re: Hatteras Owners Manuals & Spec Sheets

    Or call Doug at Samís Marine on Monday. Great dea.
    1979 53' MY Hull #563
    Antioch, California

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    Re: Hatteras Owners Manuals & Spec Sheets

    Manuals would be simple but drawings, electrical diagrams and others
    are specific to a boat.
    41C117 "Hattatude"
    Port Canaveral Florida.

    When I want your opinion I'll give it to you?

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