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    Hull and Engine surveyor in Jacksonville

    Does any one have a recommendation for a good hull or engine surveyor? We have come to terms with the seller and now it is time for due diligence. I have used the search function, which is not all that helpful, but it mostly was for the Lauderdale area or the Gulf.

    I have left a message with Marc Slakoff and am awaiting a response. The selling broker suggested Bill Gladding of Gladding Marine or Gary Frankovich, does anyone know of them?

    The boat is a 63' CPMY with 12/72TI's at 650hp and a compression test was performed about 50hrs ago when all the injectors were replaced and showed all cylinders to be 460/440 psi except for one at 430psi. I was told that 425psi was the service limit. I would think that in this case I need a good DD guy to have a look-see.....

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    Re: Hull and Engine surveyor in Jacksonville

    I use Bill, highly recommended. I sent him to Ft Lauderdale to Servay my current Hatt.

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    Re: Hull and Engine surveyor in Jacksonville

    I have used Marc Slacoff, he is very thorough. He will probably have his assistant surveyor on a 63 my.

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    Re: Hull and Engine surveyor in Jacksonville

    I haven't heard from Marc yet, so I think I'll call Bill Gladding and see when he is available. He may have a suggestion on a good engine guy as well.

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    Re: Hull and Engine surveyor in Jacksonville

    I second Bill. He did mine at Huckins yard.

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    Re: Hull and Engine surveyor in Jacksonville

    Thanks for the responses, as usual this forum has been very useful.

    Bill Gladding is going to be doing the inspection later this month. I'm still looking for an engine
    surveyor, but was referred to Tony Drivalis, does anyone know him? He seems like more of a Cat guy than DD from his website, but he was also linked on Gladding's site.

    He said he wanted more than one day to survey both 12 cyl mains and both generators, since he wanted to look at the rings and cylinders. He wanted the day before the sea trial and then the day
    after, is this reasonable? It does not seem to cost me any more than the others I have contacted who want one day and I want a thorough job.

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    Re: Hull and Engine surveyor in Jacksonville

    Sounds like Drivalis is thorough. I used a cat surveyor that does the same, he found stb needed rebuilt and port was suspect before sea trial even though both checked out ok on sea trial. Just taking readings and oil samples at sea trial does not mean all is well. Paid almost double than a one day survey but discovered major rebuild expense. All visually looked good and owner claimed open check book maintenance. Ask for invoices to support claimed repairs and maintenance.

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    Re: Hull and Engine surveyor in Jacksonville

    Tony and Bill work well together, they did the pre purchase on my current . No complaints, and it took two days.

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