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    Anybody, Anybody

    I am curious. I have seen several CABOs here in Central Florida, yet no talk from them here on the forum..

    Is it they are still fairly new, and not requiring parts and support, or do the owners not know of this forum.

    Just curious, sitting here bored.

    Have a great weekend,

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    Re: Anybody, Anybody

    Just learned of this forum today by pure coincidence.

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    Re: Anybody, Anybody

    Having owned 5 Hatteras prior to my present 35 Cabo. Most Hatteras owners know of Sams, but doubt the same exists for Cabo Owners
    I just stumbled across fact that Sams offers parts etc.
    Therefore I would venture to say the word is not out that Sams can help out the Cabo owners with parts and support

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