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    Thinking of buying 85ft. Hatt extended MY


    New to the group and did a search on this particular situation before posting but found nothing that was spot on.
    Situation is this, I am going to buy another boat after selling my 51ft. Bluewater, back in 2000. Wife is game and we have located some nice 70's era boats; queen of them is a 70ft. Hatt...series 1, I think, which was extended to an 85 LOA boat.
    12V71ti's power her with 120 injectors and running gear not extended. interior is a bit tired and needs freshening up, but not too bad. Generally in good shape for a 1977 and owned for 6 years by an Atlantic tug Captain up in NY/NJ area. He is knowledgeable and competent.
    Question is this...do these extensions usually give problems either structurally or performance wise? a 15 ft. extension is a lot and I was initially worried about the gear not being extended, but I read that that is usually not a problem. Anything I should watch out for? I know the people who worked on the extension and they have experience with this type of work.
    What are some of the usual suspects I need to look out for prior to purchase that plagues Hatts? What problems should I look for with the Detroits (had gassers in the Bluewater). More concerned with the extension and problems you might have had.
    Background is Commercial Pilot gone FAA, then into upper airline management (no names please), who lived aboard for about 8 years - 3 of which were in the Bahamas - and am seeing a whole new world open up with a truly big boat and diesel power.
    Any hints, anecdotes would be appreciated...suggestions for nav equipment?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Thinking of buying 85ft. Hatt extended MY

    The difference between the hatt and the Bluewater is like the difference between a modern fighter jet and a biplane.

    The hatt will be far more complex. Add the extension and you may find handling to be a bit of a challenge.

    I'd find a very knowledgeable surveyor and go over the concerns before buying anything.
    41C117 "Hattatude"
    Port Canaveral Florida.

    When I want your opinion I'll give it to you?

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    Re: Thinking of buying 85ft. Hatt extended MY

    Well, you are/were a pilot, but were you a mechanic? Because a big boat will drain your pockets. Remember, it's a multi-million dollar bolt with the maintence bill to go with it. Just because you can afford to buy it, doesn't mean you can afford to own it.

    Airplane analogy. I could afford to buy an old Sabreliner...but that's about it!
    FTFD... i drive a slow 1968 41c381

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    Re: Thinking of buying 85ft. Hatt extended MY

    Consider that the annual cost to maintain the boat is at least 10% of the value. Once you are over that, we can talk about engine maintenance, enclosures, paint, interior, appliances, electronics, etc.. Ok?

    If you had a Bluewater in the Bahamas, you know what to expect from insurance. Now try to find it for a much older boat keeping it in the same place.

    Geico (BoatUS switched to them this year) jacked us 30% this year and we bailed out of boating as a result. Things got stupid expensive and if we did not live aboard there was no reason to stay with it.

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    Re: Thinking of buying 85ft. Hatt extended MY

    Thanks for all the information. Believe me, I understand the blue water and the Hatteras are two different sides of the spectrum, and yes, we are planning to live aboard. As far as the background and experience in aircraft maintenance, no would be the short and quick answer to that. However I don't really think that having an airframe and PowerPlant license would necessarily guarantee that you're able to take apart diesel engines with relative ease. I took an airframe and PowerPlant mechanic from Eastern Airlines with me while the four of us went to the Bahamas for a long weekend in a six place Cherokee. The look of sheer Terror in his eyes when I asked him to bring along some tools in case we broke down in the outer Islands was absolutely a Kodak moment. He had no idea what to do. But I'm not trying to downplay this, I know there's going to be a lot of work especially with an older boat such as this and I'm going to need probably a good six to 12 months just to figure out which way the water is Flowing with all the different systems and be able to feel comfortable enough to tackle anything.The boat has already been extended, but the running gear has not been and I was wondering if there are any performance issues because of that?Let's see I have another question or two... Oh yeah with the 12v71 ti engines and 120 nozzle on the injectors, what approximate horsepower would that give me? Would I be pushing 800 with that? I'm worried because the twin disc is an mg 514 and I'm not sure the horsepower rating matches the engine.Perhaps the most eye-opening of all the information was the insurance increase. That was the best piece of advice I could have received. Remember I own that previous boat back in the 1990's and things were a lot cheaper then.Okay, back to our lives I guess thanks for all the help appreciate it anyone else that might want to chime in with the story or to let me know I'll be perusing some of the other threads to see what I can get for information on this as well.Steve

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    Re: Thinking of buying 85ft. Hatt extended MY

    May I recommend that you check out www.BoatDiesel.com.

    You will find a huge resource of information at a nominal cost of $25/year. If you upgrade your membership to $50/year than you will have access to performance calculators and owners manuals and more.

    There are a lot of knowledgeable people that you will have access to.

    FWIW, my wife and I chose our 43' DCFB over buying a much larger Hatteras due to the exponential increase in repair, upgrades and dockage costs with each increase in foot of waterline length!

    If you are not having fun, than it aint fun!

    Jonathan Brein
    1982 43' DCFB #550
    Chesapeake, Virginia

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    Re: Thinking of buying 85ft. Hatt extended MY

    I would stay away from anything with a cockpit extension. In my experience, Hatteras designed these boats very well and most modifications to OEM are more of a detriment than an enhancement. There are a bunch of other Hatts in that size and price range to choose from.
    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY, Hull #CN759, "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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    Re: Thinking of buying 85ft. Hatt extended MY

    Bella Sophia is a 1989 65MY extended to 78'. The gear was not moved. She does not have a thruster and we can get it into most anyplace we want. We have 12v92s. We usually cruise at 1300 rpm and she burns 35gph. At 1800 rpm, it goes up over 100gph. I have not found any issues with the extension. Looks like a quality job from AMT yard, Hatteras of Ft Lauderdale. Extension was done in 1996. Things that have annoyed me and / or have required maintenance:1. Galley Maid heads. Replaced with Techma and have not had an issue in 4+ years.2. Electrical gremlins. Usually due to corroded wire or connectors in a 28 year old boat.3. Air conditioners. CruisAir split systems. Slowly replacing old components.4. Fresh water system. We have PEX type tubing with the Grey plastic connectors that have been cracking and leaking over time.5. Leaks. Have been slowly rebedding all stainless hardware and flybridge equipment.6. Shore power has to be managed. Can't run all A/C units and range without blowing pedestal breaker. Funny but one 20KW genny will run whole boat no problem.This is a list of things that come to mind. Cost of ownershipockage. $12/ft per month min?Electricity S Florida $250-$500 per monthInsurance $8000-$14000/ yr?Maint like bottom cleaning, bottom paint, varnish, and the rest of the boat stuff that we all love to do. Not sure what you can do yourself? Cost?FuelCanvas and cushions etc.If you were s live aboard you probably know all this.


    2008 Cheoy Lee Bravo 78 "Bella Sophia"
    1989 78' Hatteras CPMY #311 "Bella Sophia" (sold)
    2007 Everglades 290cc “Bada Bing”
    2006 Advanced Outdoors 28cc (sold)
    2003 Melges 24 "Bada Bing" (sold)

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    Re: Thinking of buying 85ft. Hatt extended MY

    Insurance issues can always be solved....get liability only LOL.
    FTFD... i drive a slow 1968 41c381

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    Re: Thinking of buying 85ft. Hatt extended MY

    Okay, let's see where to begin...First, back to Dan: yep, that 10% was just about on the money, back in the 90's and I figured we were looking at significantly more nowadays. Glad to hear that 10% is still a good ballpark.
    Who's next? How about Krush...? Are you a pilot? Not many refer to Saberliners unless they know a bit about planes. BTW, I flew a 60 model for "Air Bear" in WPB s a temp replacement pilot. Great story there if we meet up in Bimini some day. Thanks for your info.
    jrbrein is next and I actually saw that site a few times looking for info on the internet. If ya think they're good, it would be a drop in the bucket to sign up. And, yeah, Liability only is always an option.
    Also thanks to tonytrakovich. That was what I needed, particularly the handling issue. The owner says it handles just great, he's an oceanic tug captain, and really a great guy, but he is also selling a boat and I needed a third party to help out on this. Tony, the boat has something called "Chilled Water Air Condx"...is that more efficient than having 8 compressors? Don't know much about it. I believe he uses only 3. I particularly needed electrical costs (ironically in South Florida) and ballpark insurance, so many thanks.
    One more question...oil analysis. an absolute necessity? Any place for analysis better than another...you prefer one Psychologist over another? And back to the oil...what are costs for 2 engines and 2 gennys?

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