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    Wheels for Marquipt Sea Stairs

    I may need to replace the wheels on my sea stairs. Has anyone replaced the wheels on their Marquipt sea stairs from a source other than Marquipt? I don't mind paying their proud prices for the stuff they make themselves, but as I learned when I had to replace the controller on my tender crane, many of the parts on their equipment they just buy from retail suppliers and mark up 50%. For example, the winches and controllers in most of their cranes are just the same Strongarm brand stuff you can buy over the internet.

    Bill Root, USCG 100 Ton Master, Near Coastal
    1988 54' MY

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    Re: Wheels for Marquipt Sea Stairs

    You may be able to find an exact match thru McMaster or Harbor Freight. They have a great selection(s) at probably 1/2 the price.

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    Re: Wheels for Marquipt Sea Stairs

    They did make those difficult to outsource didn't they? They have a large diameter stem to prevent early failure IMHO.


    I was wondering if I took some measurements and sent the above place a photo, if they could come up with something.

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    Re: Wheels for Marquipt Sea Stairs

    The wheels are supplied to Marquipt by Jarvis who would not sell direct, but instead referred me to Consolidated Truck and Caster in St. Louis. Tell Consoildated that you are looking for replacement stainless Marquipt wheels, and they will point you to the right replacement part. Pricing is about 60-65% of Marquipt price plus moderate shipping costs. There may be other suppliers out there, but these guys have proven themselves to be knowledgable and easy to deal with.

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    Re: Wheels for Marquipt Sea Stairs

    Thanks, guys.
    Bill Root, USCG 100 Ton Master, Near Coastal
    1988 54' MY

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    Re: Wheels for Marquipt Sea Stairs

    Bill - please keep us updated - especially if you get part numbers and prices! Thanks.

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    Re: Wheels for Marquipt Sea Stairs

    Graingers has them in steel, about $13 a couple years ago. Still working well, and I'm in salt water.

    Northport, NY

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    Re: Wheels for Marquipt Sea Stairs

    Be careful about mixing the metals on these things. Someone put steel casters in my stairs and they did rust over time. When it came time to replace the casters because the wheels were no longer round and the bearings were shot so the casters didn't turn well (making a horrible noise 'round the clock with the slightest movement of the stairs), we could not get the casters out. We tried every magic potion we could find, and not even a torch would get them go. The metals bonded in a bad way. We eventually tore the metal on the bottom step (that's right - tore it like a sheet of paper) trying to get these rusted casters out, you can image how proud of that bottom step Marquipt is! I watched Craigslist for a ver, very long time and found a new set of stairs a couple of weeks ago for $500. Patience paid off. I got the newer style stairs with two offset handrails topped with a starboard grab rail. They are really, really nice.
    1980 58MY "Sanctuary"

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    Re: Wheels for Marquipt Sea Stairs

    Excellent Post. I picked up a crappy set a few months back on ebay and it came with rusted casters, bearings completely shot. Regret skimping given how much replacment parts cost (kind of like the boat!). I'll keep eye on this thread and try Consolidated Truck and Caster in St. Louis for sure if nothing else.

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    Re: Wheels for Marquipt Sea Stairs

    Since the sea stairs I'm putting these wheels on are pretty nice, teak treads and a nice teak handrail, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the stainless steel casters from Marquipt. Price was $54 each plus tax and shipping. Definitely pricey, but when they arrived yesterday and I opened the box I could see why. If a caster could be beautiful, these would be it. They are very heavy stainless with poly compound wheels. I'm guessing they will last a long, long time.

    With regard to Ang's comment about using plain steel casters in these sea stairs, I think there will still be 'dissimilar metals" corrosion problems over time with the stainless casters since the sea stairs are aluminum. However, it shouldn't be as bad as what happens with the low cost plain steel casters. I'm dealing with that now trying to get the steel wheels out of the ladder I'm replacing. So far I've gotten one out, but the remainimg three are frozen in pretty solid. If heat doesn't work I will probably cut them off and grind out the steel pins. In fairness, though, Marquipt does recommend that the caster receivers be greased every couple of months.
    Bill Root, USCG 100 Ton Master, Near Coastal
    1988 54' MY

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