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    Bedding Glass in Aluminum Frame Windows

    It looks like my bedding the cabin window frames with butyl tape and 3M 4200 is working, no leaks yet.

    When I removed the stb aft window frame I noticed that there was water under the vinyl covering around the edge of the window and I decided to redo the bedding around that window glass.

    I took some pictures as a went, and thought they might be helpful to anyone considering this task. I suppose you could remove the glass while the frame is still in place, but I would not do it unless I had no choice. I needed good access to remove the glass from the frame. Having the frame on saw horses on the dock worked well. The job gets messy and I do not recommend doing it on the boat.

    Window frame with 2 vinyl strips removed:

    I used a utility knife to remove the vinyl strips and to cut away as much of the bedding as I could safely get to. Luckily I did not crack the glass.

    Close-up of glass "keepers"

    I got busy with the job of freeing the glass from the frame and the mess of removing the old butyl and did not take any pictures until I had the glass back in the frame. The glass was attached very well. I used an 18" 40# wire leader like a saw to cut the butyl between the glass and the frame. I then used a sharp paint scraper/putty knife and a razor scraper to remove the caulk and butyl. I then used mineral spirits to clean the butyl from the frame and the glass and a lot of paper towels. Be prepared, butyl makes a big mess.

    I used an electric drill with a 3" wire brush in the chuck to clean up the frame and corrosion, and I painted the corroded part of the frame with primer. I carefully cleaned the parts of the frame and the glass where the bedding will go with xylol and then denatured alcohol on paper towels.

    This is the glass back in the frame. I ran a strip of 1/8" x 1/2" butyl tape around the edge of the aluminum frame replaced the glass and ran a bead of 3M 4200 around the edge of the glass.

    I put another line of buty tape over the 4200. This does not come even close to Sam's instructions, but after fighting with the task of cutting the old sealant caulk and worring about chiping the glass I decided to go with more butyl and less 4200.

    Close-up of glass with butyl underneath and 4200 bead. I was carefull to clean the mating surfaces of the glass but got tired of cleaning and did not worry so much over the outside of the glass.

    Continued next post
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