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    Raymarine RAYSTAR 120 GPSWoes

    I am admittedly NOT an electronics guy, but this should not be so hard. I have a RAYSTAR 120 GPS receiver (SeaTalk version). It is interfaced via a Raymarine E85001 Interface unit to a Cetrek ProPilot 700 autopilot, a Furuno radar and a USB cable to my laptop (w/ MapTech chart software). That is how I bought the boat and the previous owner had no idea how to make the system work. Anyway, I loaded up the software onto my laptop a year or so ago and had it working just fine until last weekend...then, nothing.

    I have checked all the connections and they look good as far as I can tell. I've inspected the receiver unit and can see nothing amiss, although it is pretty much a sealed unit. Cables all looke good as I've traced them the entire length, including inside the salon cable tunnels (Man, is it tight underneath that flybridge!?!). Have checked the 12V power circuit and it has power. Autopilot works fine. Laptop chartware seems just peachy, but tells me it is getting no GPS signal. Radar functions perfectly (w/ exception that I get no course/speed readout anymore). As far as I can tell, this thing ought to work....But it doesn't. I am clearly getting no GPS signal output to the other devices. Does anybody have any expertise on these GPS units. Do they just go bad? How can I check? Owners' manual is of no use re troubleshooting. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Raymarine RAYSTAR 120 GPSWoes

    I have a Northstar 951 gps thats getting a software update today. Seems the
    military switched on 2 new sattalites in Feburary and screwed up alot of the
    older units. My 951 looses lat-longitude whenever it thinks it sees the new birds. See if Raystar offers a download to update the gps engine.

  3. Raymarine RAYSTAR 120 GPSWoes

    Raymarine 120 GPS receiver/antennas go bad after perhaps five ,six, seven years....I know because I lost my 120 GPS signal....I replaced the GPS antenna receiver and all was well...I was told at the time they are not repairable, which always draws my attention...I believe a Tech at Raymarine told me about the problem...The problem started with very slow satellite acquisitions, sometimes 15 minutes, eventually failed to acquire any at all....At the time Raymarine has a discount available when replacing a failed 120 GPS...I found out about it later!!!!

    So I took the old one apart after installing a new antenna/receiver....By gosh there is a BATTERY (flat circular silver color) soldered inside the unit to a circuit board....NOTHING in the owners manual about THAT!!!!) Had a number on it as I vaguely recall....My guess is that's what craps out...So it may be possible replace that battery, but soldering to a circuit board can be difficult as you can damage circuit board components....
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    Rob Brueckner
    former 1972 48ft YF, 'Lazy Days'
    Boating isn't a matter of life and death: it's more important than that.

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    Re: Raymarine RAYSTAR 120 GPSWoes

    had the same problem on my 120 when boat was not used for a few days . found that if I pulled the fuse for about a min. gps would come back. raymarine told me the same story that I should buy the new 220 unit. george.

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    Re: Raymarine RAYSTAR 120 GPSWoes

    Don't give up hope just yet. Shut off all 12v power to the unit then restart. Basically a cold start reboot. They tell you to hardwire the antenna to a constant 12v supply, and the unit doesn't like that. I installed a toggle switch on my 12v line to the antenna and switch it off every time I shut down. I haven't had a problem since except for running it 2 days straight off shore. Lost the signal until I switched off the juice temporarily. Oh, and Ray doesn't like to admit it. I had to pry it out of the tech after stumbling onto the solution by accident.
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    Re: Raymarine RAYSTAR 120 GPSWoes

    All, thanks for the replies. I've tried the cold restart several times (including removing the fuze to check it) without success. As far as I can tell, the unit was probably bought/installed in 2002 (i.e. It's 6 years old). Could be that the soldered battery issue identified by REB is the cause. At this point, I feel like I've had most of the topside of the boat apart tracing wires/ troubleshooting/etc. and it was hot, hot, hot this weekend. Perhaps it's time to call Raymarine to ask about replacement discounts... Will let you know the results.

  7. Re: Raymarine RAYSTAR 120 GPSWoes

    I forgot that I had also shut off all power, reboooted sveral, times...in my case it had no effect....all this was about three years ago so things have possibly changed on replacements/discounts/recommendations etc...

    I was REALLY annoyed to find a battery in the antenna/receiver and no mention of it in the owners manual nor by Raymarine personnel!!!! A lithium (I think) battery is also in the display unit...I posted that story previously...
    Rob Brueckner
    former 1972 48ft YF, 'Lazy Days'
    Boating isn't a matter of life and death: it's more important than that.

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    Re: Raymarine RAYSTAR 120 GPSWoes

    I would not buy Ray again. If I replace, it will most likely be Furuno. I've been consistently unhappy with Raymarine's customer "service" (You know, like the way Big Brown will "service" the mares.)
    Everyone should believe in something - I believe I will go fishing - Henry David Thoreau

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