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    Teflon Tape on Plastic Pipe?

    I suspect I may have a leak or two in the Quest plastic fresh water piping. Does one need to use teflon tape on the joints of these plastic fittings? Is regular pipe dope ok?

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    Re: Teflon Tape on Plastic Pipe?

    I never use tape, only pipe dope. Pieces of the tape can come off and get stuck in all the place you don't want them like solenoid water valves.
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    Re: Teflon Tape on Plastic Pipe?

    My Dad is an HVAC mechanic of 35 yrs and last year he told me don't use teflon on pvc....I ignored what he said and used it on my ac pump fittings on the Hat. He said that the tape easily allows you to overtighten it because its teflon and will expand and make the joint really really tight. You have to loosen it for some reason or move a fitting one or two fittings away it will crack...which is what it did the next day when I got the last fitting I needed for the job and tried to complete it. Darn thing broke and back to the hardware store I went!

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    Re: Teflon Tape on Plastic Pipe?

    Teflon tape is fine for sealing pvc threads, the only thing is that it acts as a lubricant, so it's real easy to over tighten things. Hand tighten only!
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    Re: Teflon Tape on Plastic Pipe?

    Don't use the tape. Use the liquid Teflon pipe sealant in a tube. Then there is no worry of the tape getting in any place. As all sealant use it sparingly. A little goes a long way. Don't over tighten.. That is the only thing we used on hydraulic pump units.


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