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    Re: Navy crash and blow boaters

    Wow, huge contrast in bridge operations. Goes from a crowded noisy almost chaotic carrier bridge to a quite controlled bridge on the merchant ship. Now, I understand how the Navy has accidents in crowded seaways.

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    Re: Navy crash and blow boaters

    I didn't read all of the responses so if this was already stated please disregard.

    If a war ship can't keep track of a commercial ship broadcasting it's position how on earth could it manage in battle??
    Northport, NY

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    Re: Navy crash and blow boaters

    It is hard to know where to begin!

    Iwo Jima entering NY. That bridge scene is totally wrong. Sailors shoulder-to-shoulder, most of them looky-loos? Seems that "fleet week" festivities began early. Captain needs to lose his command.

    Navy does not squak AIS when in non-combat waters? Looks like an arrogant policy to me. What are we afraid of?

    On the collision. If all electronics on both ships were shut off, this still should not occur. Navy lookout on stbd wing of bridge has a peloris to use. There was no visibility issue.

    It is ok for Captain to get rest! Krush's 1st link guy (with obvious bias) seemed to imply that the container ship Captain never takes a break, and only 2 guys on bridge at night, in busy waters is actually a good thing.

    Apples/oranges. Navy Captain has 200 men available. Merchant vessel has 20. Are we actually suggesting that the Destroyer should be operated the same as a container ship. Should both be cloning the Captain of a 53' hatteras my? I don't think so.

    Navy looks bad on this incident for sure. Heads will roll-would not be surprised if Pac Fleet head admiral loses his job.

    Damage looks as bad as USS Cole. We are looking at return to USA on top of heavy-lift ship and 2+ years to rebuild.


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