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    Cabo 40 fly bridge

    Recently purchased a Cabo 40 fly bridge. No manuals were include so I've been trying to figure things out on my owne but could use some help from another 40 FB owner. There's a blower in the forward bilge by the fresh water pump, no idea how to turn it on, same problem with the led curtesy lights in the cock pit. Also, generator at start up only spits out a little water then nothing, doesn't over heat (180*). Strainer and heat exchanger are clean and the impeller look good. Am I missing something ?

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    Re: Cabo 40 fly bridge

    Generator has underwater exhaust.

    Can't figure out cockpit led either. I think mine were disconnected.

    Each head has small fan located in locker room. Don't recall one above the 24v freshwater pump though.

    The systems are pretty strait forward and build quality is excellent.

    I have 2008 with CR MAN's.

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    Cool Re: Cabo 40 fly bridge

    Hi, I purchased my 2005 40 Cabo SF in 2014. No manuals either but was able to get a copy from Hatteras for about $100. Well worth it.
    The LED lights in the helm are turned ON with dimmer switches under the helm, in the small compartment. Not sure if that is how the original owner had it wired or if that is how it came. My cockpit's courtesy lights are turned on from a switch in the helm. My Cabo has Caterpillar C-12s and almost 2k hours. So far no complaints, although I have put a lot of effort and $$$ into it.

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