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  1. Strataglass vs EZ2CY

    Are these the only clear materials for soft enclosures? What are the pros and cons of what's available?? Relative costs? Do most use 40 mil thickness? I upgraded with Strataglass and it's sure clearer than plain old vinyl, but I never got a clear understanding of how it compares to other products. By buttoning to the underside of roofs when open it's fast and easy to open and close and avoids scratching the material.

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    Re: Strataglass vs EZ2CY

    Not sure you can classify EZ2CY as a "soft" enclosure as it does not roll or bend. Looks like glass though. Very clear and durable. To open, you must remove or button to the underside of a hardtop. It's also expensive, over 2x the cost of Strataglass last I checked. There are competitors to EZ, a Google search will probably find some.

    The usual alternative to Strataglass is Eisenglass. It's thinner, less durable and less expensive but I would not recommend it.

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    Re: Strataglass vs EZ2CY

    We love our EZ2CY enclosure and highly recommend it over other types of enclosure materials. If your application can accommodate a ‘hard’ enclosure, the additional costs will be offset by a product that will last at least twice as long as any ‘roll-up’ enclosure, provide crystal clear/undistorted viewing, and allow you to buff out most scratches that might occur. We’ve even used a high-speed buffer to removed deep scratches.

    Our enclosure was installed back in 1994. Make sure the installers are using good quality materials such as Gortex thread, high quality zippers and Stamoid type fabrics. We have replaced zippers a couple of times (worn out) and replaced a panel or two that cracked due to extreme conditions. But the EZ2CY panels themselves are still very clear, undistorted, and have not discolored after 11 seasons. Try that with Eisenglass. The newer EZ2CY material is even more scratch, crack, and shatter proof than the old stuff. Check out the ‘hammer test’ at one of the boat shows.

    Installation can be customized to suit your needs. Large panels can be hinged to fold and then hang up out of the way (we did that with our aft side panels). Fixed panels can be heated up and bent to provide a nice custom look (we did that to replace our original venturi windscreen).

    Take a look at my photos in the Gallery section of the Forum. ‘NIMROD in the Yard’ shows our enclosure from the outside (Spring ’05) and ‘Helm’ shows part of the enclosure from the inside (Nov ’05). Even after 11 seasons you can see that the enclosure is still crystal clear.

    Going into our 12th season we are considering re-doing the enclosure with new EZ2CY to freshen up the canvas parts since we are due for new zippers again. I have noticed some signs of failing in the clear material where it is glued to the canvas/Stamoid, but after over a decade of service I guess that is to be expected. Having always used roll-up Eisenglass prior to the EZ2CY and replacing enclosure every 3 seasons, I’d say we got our money’s worth out of this one. My guess is that we will probably just replace the zippers and maybe a panel or two and spend the rest of the money on other goodies. It seems a shame to replace the EZ2CY because it still looks so good.

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    Re: Strataglass vs EZ2CY

    I was so sick of canvas and eissenglass that I bought a 53ED. Now I have no canvas except for the front seat cover. That's one way to solve a problem.
    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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    Re: Strataglass vs EZ2CY

    WOW Sky, that's a dramatic solution! Although I do love the simply massive salon square footage of the 53ED I could not give up the pleasures that a nice aft deck offers for anything, not to mention the ease of line handling duties with full-walkaround decks. I would find it difficult with a 58CPMY, which is a 53ED with a cockpit. I think those boats are fantastic for liveaboards and/or cold weather boating. We spend most of out time aboard on the aft deck. We use it for relaxing, cocktails, entertaining and for most dining as well. If it is too hot or raining very badly, we go into the salon.

    My boat had hard sides (sliding glass) installed on the aft deck and eisenglass wrapping the back of the deck connecting the hard sides when I got it because it spent half of its life in Nantucket. I removed the hard sides and eisenglass and went back to a completely open aft deck. It still offers quite good protection from all but sideways rain. I also removed the eisenglass that was on the front half of the flybridge to the half-tower. Instead of dealing with cost/maintenance of any of those products I think I'll just drive from the salon when the weather would make me want some protection. Less windage too! Just another approach or way to solve a problem!

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    Re: Strataglass vs EZ2CY

    Well, you know it never really gets warm in Michigan. We think 70 degrees is warm up here. So, I opted for a good cool weather boat.
    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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    Re: Strataglass vs EZ2CY

    Nimrod, I'm confused about the EZ2CY panels. If they are hard and won't bend, can you use Gortex thread and zippers to fabricate them? Can you use a sewing machine on them? Is it possible for a DIYer to enclose the bridge using a sewing machine? Can you buy the panels or do you have to go through a dealer to have them custom made?
    I bought a sewing machine and am about to replace the vynel curtains in my enclosure. Never did it before but that's never stopped me before. I made new covers for my bridge and seats this past summer for practice and they look good. I want to keep my options open if there is a better product out there. Can't afford custom made so I must use material that I can work with.

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    Re: Strataglass vs EZ2CY

    Quote Originally Posted by Beckytek
    Nimrod, I'm confused about the EZ2CY panels. If they are hard and won't bend, can you use Gortex thread and zippers to fabricate them? Can you use a sewing machine on them?
    Sorry for the confusion. No the EZ2CY panels themselves can not be sewn. Typically, the 'canvas' material is cut, hemmed and sewn with pockets in them. The EZ2CY material is then glued in between the canvas lips/pockets.

    The idea is to use a very long lasting thread because these enclosures usually last much longer then the standard soft enclosure.

    I'm not sure about purchasing panels. It's been almost 12 years since I had to do the enclosure. I would think you can purchase the material from a dealer but maybe they have some restrictions on that. Check out www.ez2cy.com

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    Re: Strataglass vs EZ2CY

    Thanks for the info Nimrod. Looks like I'll be using something else. Ron

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    Re: Strataglass vs EZ2CY

    My stern is all inclosed in glass on my 43. I love it.The bridge will be enclosed with I don't know, yet this spring. I'm for you guys to deside for me.


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