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    Liveaboard slips in South Florida - East coast

    I have a friend looking to potentially move a 53 SF down to South Florida anywhere from West Palm down to Miami or the early Keys. Any ideas on good liveaboard marina? Any ideas of rates/costs?

    Thanks in advance, Andy

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    Re: Liveaboard slips in South Florida - East coast

    I'll start: Not east coast, but for comparison purposes, Ft Myers yacht basin is $12.50 / ft monthly or $9.50 / ft annual with $70 per month liveaboard surcharge (water/slip pumpout/wifi) + electricity (metered)

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    Re: Liveaboard slips in South Florida - East coast

    We are happy at Dinner Key Marina in Miami. Anywhere in Miami for liveaboard, you're looking at $22/foot/month and up. However, that will include electricity, water, and dockside pumpout. We also have ample parking and a mailbox at the office. There are a few of us HOF'ers here. The further north you go, generally, the less the rates are.
    1980 58MY "Sanctuary"

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    Re: Liveaboard slips in South Florida - East coast

    In the Stuart area, Sandpiper Marina and Loggerhead have liveaboard slips. I have no idea of the price, but significantly less than $22.


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    Re: Liveaboard slips in South Florida - East coast

    Loggerhead Stuart Floating docks 11.50ft.

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    Re: Liveaboard slips in South Florida - East coast

    More important than price is how he intends on using the boat. If he just wants to fish then any marina close to an inlet in so fl will do but if he wants to use the boat to anchor out, cruise the keys or the bahamas the higher dockage cost we pay in Miami are with every penny. Biscayne bay is a real gem with few places like it anywhere. Blue green water, deep enough yet protected, and plenty to do, yet offering a spectacular skyline at one end

    Even with free dockage, I wouldnt move away from the bay. while place like FTL, palm beach or Stuart are nice, once you ve gone up and down the ditch a few times, anchored in brownish water what else do you do?
    Miami, FL
    1970 53 MY
    2014 26' gaff rigged sloop
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    Re: Liveaboard slips in South Florida - East coast

    Hi there -

    Try docksearch.com We found a great slip just off the ICW in Ft. Lauderdale that was very affordable. We have free cable, internet, a pool, parking mail, laundry and a great school district, along with power and water included! It may take some searching but good slips can be found whatever you may be looking for; liveaboard, seasonal, fishing, or long term storage.

    If your friend makes it this way be sure to tell him to say hello!
    Gordon & Jessica
    1968 50MY Hatteras
    MV Felicity
    Sailors turned Power

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    Re: Liveaboard slips in South Florida - East coast

    Thanks for the link , found a listing in Australia that I will be checking out


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