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    brush painting Awlgrip

    Blue Note is going to need a topside paint job that the boatyard was unable to get to. I plan to do this and brush it. I don't think we have had a thread on brushing Awlgrip (over previously applied Awlgrip about twelve years old btw) so if anyone has any useful info to pass along, please do so here. I have arranged a covered slip for a month which ought to suffice unless the weather REALLY gets terrible up here.

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    Re: brush painting Awlgrip

    Jim, The small foam rollers do a great job. Using them will leave you with almost no brushing to do. When you brush into corners etc., use a good natural bristle brush and finish with verticle strokes.

    There used to be very good instructions in the Algrip literature. Most of your work will be in the preparation. But first, have you tried to rub out the existing paint with Finessit followed by Awlcare?


    PS one other tip, add some accelerator even in warm weather and mix small batches. This will minimize airborne dirt pickup.

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    Re: brush painting Awlgrip

    Duly noted. I am setting all this up as we speak. It will give me something to do and the boat will look better for the season. Plus I'll learn something. Famous last words.

    any other contributions are welcome. I haven't done this before so I am keen to hear any advice available.

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    Re: brush painting Awlgrip

    It's a two to three person job to keep the paint going on and the wet edge. Communication is critical as once the paint is mixed the timer starts, Once on the boat the timer accelerates. Do the prep and hire a pro to do the finish. That way you get the best results. It's an art not an easy to learn skill.
    41C117 "Hattatude"
    Port Canaveral Florida.

    When I want your opinion I'll give it to you?

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    Re: brush painting Awlgrip

    If I remember correctly, from my last boat , Awlgrip coats have to be applied while the previous coat is still tacky. That makes tipping and rolling deck surfaces difficult because you would have to walk on wet paint. You would almost have to set up an overhead scaffold.

    AYC NY

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    Re: brush painting Awlgrip

    There is a lot of discussion of this in the archives of the Hull Truth forum. A lot of DIY painters over there of smaller boats.

    Former Owner: "Incentive" 1981 56MY

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    Re: brush painting Awlgrip

    I couldnt agree more with Scott that it is more an art than a skill.

    His advice on doing the prep, including: sanding, fairing, sanding, priming, sanding, fairing, sanding, priming and then final sanding... yourself and then hiring guy who does it every day to lay out the topcoat is great. The $$ is in the labor of the prep work and not the last few hours of either roll and tipping or spraying.

    I had my flybridge and decks done this past fall with the roll and tip method using ALexseal instead of awlgrip.

    The foam brushes are key and also the right brush. The preferred brush as I understand it is the "Corona Europa" which is softer than the old "eurethaner."
    58 MY

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    Re: brush painting Awlgrip

    I am in the process of painting my boat (YF 58) with awlgrip, which is very forgiving to work with. If you are going to paint a large area you might try some standard size foam rollers that donīt come apart with the reducer and you almost donīt have to tip it with a brush. I do not remember the brand but I bought them at Merritt Supply which I am sure they can guide you to. My recommendation, apart from surface prep. which is 90% of the work, is to make a mental plan of the painting job. Donīt do as my neighbor at the marina that painted himself to the bow and had to jump in the water ( true story!!) also be careful with the weather, a small drizzle will turn your job into a unwanted non-skid surface .Good luck.
    PD: next month I will start painting the hull. I will try to post some picture in my own post.

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    Re: brush painting Awlgrip


    If you like, we can talk on the phone. Right before Thanksgiving I finished painting our top side with Awlgrip on "SeaWhisperer". All that was used for the application was a 6" sponge rollers. If your going to be out of direct sun light, this is better. You'll have a better control with solvent popping in the paint. I also found that using 35% or more of the reducer on your last coat of paint will leave your finish as smooth as glass. Also more reducer will control the solvent popping should your surface get to warm. It's all in the prep. When painting between coats you need to wait the 16 hours but no more then 24 hours or you'll be sanding between coats. My choice was to sand regaurdless with 320 - 400 between each coat. My plan this summer is to paint the bottom half of our Hatt. Tech support was helpfully at Awlgrip, the guys gave me a few pointers with using their product. I'm sure you will find others here in the fourm that have great Idea's on application!

    1969 Hatteras 53' MY
    Morehead City, NC.

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    Re: brush painting Awlgrip

    Mike PM me with your phone number, if you don't mind.

    I am going to rent a covered slip for this, I don't think I could manage it in the sunlight. I am trying to find a second guy to help me, I think that is a good idea, too, as you all said.

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