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    How to measure chain

    I am going to replace my current anchor setup with all chain. How do you measure anchor chain? I understand it is a proof chain. Do you measure inside or outside diameter? I have a Lewmar windlass that retrieves chain fine but requires rope to be pulled into the locker.

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    Re: How to measure chain

    There should be a marking on the windlass' chain gypsy saying what size and type it takes. Lewmar should be able to help you find and decode it. That'll be the only size/type of chain that will work.
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    Re: How to measure chain

    I found this on the NET.

    "Anchor chain is measured by the thickness of the steel making up the links. This means that 1/2-inch anchor chain is made up of links formed from 1/2-inch diameter round bar (called "wire"), which is then bent into the shape of the link and the two ends are welded together. As with all other chain, the radius of the bend of the link must be greater than 1/4 inch; if it were not, it would be impossible to insert the 1/2-inch wire for the next link through the bend, which would be exactly 1/2-inch wide, and allow for any movement between the links."

    Read more: How to Measure an Anchor Chain | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5921360_meas...#ixzz1Y327BJpM

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    Re: How to measure chain

    there is a difference in link dimentions also.

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    Re: How to measure chain

    As George said, check the gypsy for the size. There are several "sizes" of chain with the same fractional dimension. For example, !/4" G40 is different than 1/4" BBB, a gypsy for one won't work properly with the other.

    If you really can't decipher what's on the gypsy (or maybe nothing's on it) you can measure the old chain. Here's a link that may be helpful (first item in FAQ) http://www.1st-chainsupply.com/FAQ/faq_windlass.html
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