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    Flybridge removal for transport

    hello guys, I am wondering if /or how hard it is to remove a flybridge on either the 43 or 44 ' FD's of the later 60's to late 70's? We are looking for a liveabord in that range but the problem is we are in oregon and . for every one boat on this coast, there are 7 or 8 on the east coast and a little cheaper as well. Now the wife wants to start our 10 yr or so journey on the west coast because of the kids being here. we figure 5 or 6 yrs on each side, plus another couple doing the " G loop". Anyway I am wondering if any of you can shead some light on the fesibility of trucking one from there to here. Shiping it vis the yacht movers over the water is pretty expensive and i do not think it would be worth it. But now trucking it might be an option.
    Thank for your advice one and all !

  2. Re: Flybridge removal for transport

    While waiting for replies, try searching this forum (blue banner section at the top of this page) :
    Here is one thread which might provide you some information:


    try search titles like shipping boat, trucking boats,etc.....
    Rob Brueckner
    former 1972 48ft YF, 'Lazy Days'
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    Re: Flybridge removal for transport

    There's a broker here in CT that frequently pulls FB's for transport. A 41 Egg Harbor is his biggest project to date.

    That said, I'd be reluctant to shop the opposite coast. You can burn up much time and $ visiting boats that are misrepresented.

    If I was on the left coast, I'd take a look at Tolleycraft if Hatts are in short supply.

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    Re: Flybridge removal for transport

    I had my 1979 43DC shipped from Chicago to South Carolina and we had to remove the flybridge, hardtop and lower windshield glass and side glass. The shipper left the flybridge attached to the hardtop. The windshield and side glass came off in one piece after removing the sliding side glass pieces. All in all not to complicated.

    My suggestion is to find a shipper that will disassemble and reassemble - that way no one can blame the other for missing items or breakage. My shipper did it all.

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    Re: Flybridge removal for transport

    I'd think that one thru real well. On an old boat you not only have to factor in the cost of removal and re assembly. You have to also factor in that when the bridge is removed lots of stuff is going to fall apart and need repair or replacement. Then the trucking costs and the cost of time and travel to shop for a boat.


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    Re: Flybridge removal for transport

    We're in the same "boat" as Firedreamer. Been looking for a 58YF, but picken's are slim on the west coast. Quite a bit larger selection on the east coast, and for the difference in cost between east coast and west coast Hatts, a couple of trips to see boats in the east is not unreasonable. Checked with Yachtwise for shipping from Florida to Ensenada, Mexico. $47,000 plus, although a 20% discount is available for booking 5 months ahead. Have to check the cost of having it brought over on its bottom...

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    Re: Flybridge removal for transport

    We recently shipped our '73 45C from Miami to Biloxi. I removed and reinstalled the flybridge myself (with the help of a crane and a friend of course). It wasn't that difficult, the main issue is marking your wires in my opinion. I had plenty of old wiring to remove plus I wanted to do a little rewiring, this helped me make the decision to do it myself- I knew it would be done right. Reinstallation wasn't too bad, but definitely more time consuming. At the time, diesel was over $5 gallon in Miami so it was definitely cheaper to move over land. Plus I didn't have to miss any work. And you never know what could go wrong whie transporting over water. Something breaks down, especially major, then your stuck at a transient slip in a town you don't know trying to find someone who won't screw you on the repairs. Hope this helps.
    "Longitude 90" - 1973 45C
    Biloxi, MS

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